A Place for Children to Play and Learn

Our Place Play School is a a place where all children are free to be just that- Children. A homelike place of belonging for children, families, educators and the community. A home away from home — a place of warmth, respect, compassion, security, caring, nurturing, friendships, laughter, cuddles, adventure, learning, and play.

Our inclusive spaces and practices allow children to explore, learn and grow at a pace that is uniquely their own so ‘Play’ is the essence of everything we do at Our Place Play School.

We approach ‘Play’ as a free flowing, uninterrupted and enjoyed activity at will throughout the day in both indoor and outdoor spaces which often is noisy, messy and sometimes looks chaotic.

Our spaces are thoughtfully prepared with loose parts which support children’s schemas and interests.

Our play-based curriculum is influenced by a variety of leading Early Childhood Researchers, Early Childhood Advocates and Theorists such as Emmi Pickler, Magda Gerber, Peter Gray, Pennie Brownlee, Angela Hanscom, Brofenbrenner, Piaget and Schematic play theories.

Our philosophy is to promote kindness through our relationships with children, families, community and each other, to advocate for children and families.

Our Place Play School also supports local businesses, children’s charities, and our local Indigenous community and artists and to make ethical and sustainable choices when possible.

Our childhood educators continuously extend and further their knowledge of current best practice through training and professional development.

The flow of our days at Play School are uncomplicated. We are led by individual children’s needs and interests in the moment not by the clock or unnecessary transitions. Children’s needs for meals and rest are met as each child is ready throughout the day.

We aim to keep our programming and documentation simple, though meaningful for our children and families as our priority is and always will be, being present with our little ones.

We look forward to see your child play at Our Place Play School.

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