Infant and Toddler Centre
55 Stockton Street, Nelson Bay NSW 2315

Our Story

About Our Place Play School

Our Story


ur Place Play School is a small family owned business. We first opened our doors on January 2nd 2018. To be in a position to design and build a centre that reflected our passion has been truly rewarding and we love what we have created with the help of our amazing team.

Our building project was undertaken in partnership with Jan Slade who is the owner/director of our sister centre next door, Our Place Preschool. Whilst we built together we are two separately owned and operated Early Childhood services with a strong professional working relationship.

The centres were built on what used to be the Christmas Bush Nursery. We were fortunate to maintain a few of the original trees on the site including a magnificent native Boab tree which feature is the focus of our logo.

We would also like to acknowledge our commitment to Our Reconciliation Plan (RAP) and our learning partner — First Door Training and Development.

Our Logo

The new logo incorporates the Boab tree, which is at the entrance of the centre as you walk through our gates.  Although there are no particular dreamtime stories of the Boab tree from our local Worimi elders, there are stories from the Kimberley which remind us of the importance of being humble and appreciative of the life we live. This is a wonderful message to make the centrepiece of our logo. Humility and humbleness.

The tree is surrounded by the meeting places of Our Place Play school, the families and their homes, our community connections and our sister Pre-school. The three meeting places are surrounded by the people who make the connections.

These connections are between people and place. We learn not only from our parents, family and teachers, but we also learn from the environments in which we explore, wonder and learn. Essentially, our communities in which we grow and learn create the start of a meaningful, natural and authentic education for our children. The lines which connect our communities depict us working together as a series of connective systems through our songlines (stories and narrative), we work together to help our children grow.

Come with us as we nurture and support our children on their journey of learning.

A little about us

Our Philosophy

As soon as you walk into Our Place Play School you get a sense of home and family.  It is evident that we are not like other Early Childhood Centres. Our spaces are full of cosy lounges, a beautiful old cane rocking chair, dining table, TV units, coffee tables, rugs and cushions along with baskets of resources for play. Real furniture just like you would find at home. Our well-considered neutral colour pallet also adds warmth and homeliness to our space. Our free flowing indoor/outdoor routine and fleixible practices also bring a sense of calmness to our days.

We love watching our little ones explore in the garden and use natures gifts of leaves, flowers, bark, seeds and surprise pockets of rainwater in their play.

Getting out and about in our community is important to us at Our Place Play School. We love to take small groups of children for walks down town to purchase play treasures from the local op-shop, do some banking, go to the post office, and purchase groceries from the supermarket. The best part of our walks is the well deserved milkshakes we enjoy as part of our adventure.

We believe that children grow, learn and develop best through authentic child led play and respectful relationships.

What We Offer


We are Passionate

Our team is comprised of two Early Childhood Teachers, five Diploma Early Childhood educators, three early childhood educators working towards their Diploma qualifications and four Certificate III early childhood educators.

We bring life experiences 100%
We bring skills 100%
We bring passion 100%
We bring qualifications 100%
Jess Castellano
Jess Castellano
Jess Castellano
❤️Our fabulous Jess! has her Diploma and is our Program Coordinator

OUR values

Our Principles

Our Place Play School is a small unique, homelike service meeting the needs of children from 8 weeks of age.

We believe that building a strong sense of community and belonging is essential in forming and maintaining authentic caring relationships with children and their families. We understand that when a child’s physical and emotional needs are met, they then feel supported to engage in play and be the best they can be.

  • Honesty & Respect
  • Accountability & Teamwork
  • Inclusiveness & Enjoyment

what parents say

Testimonials About Our Place Play School

Our little girl attended Our Place Play School from the tender age of 8 months old, From day 1 she settled in so well, with plenty of support and love from the girls over the years. It’s her second home! With all of the outdoor adventures, craft, painting and indoor games she has loved every day of daycare! We absolutely love that so much of her learning has been through play – we absolutely love that she comes home covered in paint and dirt from all the fun she has had! We also love being able to get updates throughout the day, of what she’s been up to! Our Place Play School is more like a family, not so much a work place, with all the families and children being a part of that family.

Cassie & Troy

Mother & Father

Our daughter loves all the wonderful educators and the amazing garden they have created. Our place infant and toddler Centre is all about creativity and letting kids discover things on their own. She is learning so much every week! I would highly recommend Our place play school Infant and toddler centre for your little one.

Chris Wingmans


It’s hard to say exactly how much we love Our Place. But Thank you for taking such good care of our crazy little Milke over the last 3 years! For embracing all her quirks, her entourage of toys daily, her random demands and for treating her like one of your own. For providing a warm, homely and FUN environment for her to play and grow. She is blessed to have you all, and we will never forget her days at our place. I’m so sad she is ready to go onto preschool but so grateful she had such a positive introduction to care. Miller will miss her family at Our Place Play School so much.

Lauren & Ryan

Mother & Father