Our Toddler Space

Our Toddler SPACE

From 1-year old

Terrific Toddlers! This space is all about them and for them!

Our free flowing indoor/outdoor practice provides the independence and choice that these little humans desire. Not only do our toddlers have the choice to play inside or out in our garden, they also have a choice over when they would like to eat and sleep as we understand that that toddlers can be picky eaters, often preferring to graze and that all children have their own unique sleep patterns and rituals.


Skills That Children Will Learn

Children learn about their world through the use of their senses. In our Toddler Space Program, activities focus on discovery and exploration that facilitate just that kind of learning.

  • Social Skills
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Communication
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills

Curriculum for toddlers

Toddler Program Overview

Toddlers learn organically through PLAY! A lot of this learning is through their senses and hands on experiences.

“If it hasn’t been in the hand and the body, then it can’t be in the brain.” ~ Bev Bos

Toddlers are hardwired to investigate, explore, construct and deconstruct, climb, jump, cover themselves in just about any substance, be loud and take risks. Which is exactly what our toddler space provides and allows for.

The garden is untamed, often messy and loud, but oh so loved! We love to get messy with paint, water, mud, slime and everything in between, and we love to play in the rain. Both indoor and outdoor spaces are filled with loose parts and open-ended resources perfect for all play and schematic interests.

Along with the noise and bustle of toddler-hood we also take the time to enjoy and engage in the quieter moments of reading a book in the shade, singing as we change nappies and wash hands, conversations at the dining table, a quiet cuddle whilst having a bottle before bed or a warm lap to sit and have a chat when a little one on one time is needed.

Toddler Activities

One in Our Play School

Our Place Play School is a place where all children are free to be just that. Children!

How to Enroll Your Child?

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what parents say

Testimonials About Our Place Play School

Our little girl attended Our Place Play School from the tender age of 8 months old, From day 1 she settled in so well, with plenty of support and love from the girls over the years. It’s her second home! With all of the outdoor adventures, craft, painting and indoor games she has loved every day of daycare! We absolutely love that so much of her learning has been through play – we absolutely love that she comes home covered in paint and dirt from all the fun she has had! We also love being able to get updates throughout the day, of what she’s been up to! Our Place Play School is more like a family, not so much a work place, with all the families and children being a part of that family.

Cassie & Troy

Mother & Father

Our daughter loves all the wonderful educators and the amazing garden they have created. Our place infant and toddler Centre is all about creativity and letting kids discover things on their own. She is learning so much every week! I would highly recommend Our place play school Infant and toddler centre for your little one.

Chris Wingmans


It’s hard to say exactly how much we love Our Place. But Thank you for taking such good care of our crazy little Milke over the last 3 years! For embracing all her quirks, her entourage of toys daily, her random demands and for treating her like one of your own. For providing a warm, homely and FUN environment for her to play and grow. She is blessed to have you all, and we will never forget her days at our place. I’m so sad she is ready to go onto preschool but so grateful she had such a positive introduction to care. Miller will miss her family at Our Place Play School so much.

Lauren & Ryan

Mother & Father