Jessica Charters

❤️Meet our fabulous Jessica! she has her Diploma and has taken on the position of our Wellness Queen
Brief info

When people ask me what do I love about my job or why do I work with children, I never know where to start.
Every day I watch a child do something that inspires me, I get reminded how beautiful the simple things are and I laugh hard.
I have had the pleasure to work with primary school age children all the way down to a beautiful six week old baby and honestly I have loved every age group, but watching a tiny little human go from learning how to do something as simple as how to move their feet, to taking their first steps with those same feet and then eventually exploring the world around them, brings me total joy. It warms my soul walking into work and having their beautiful faces smiling at me, happy to see me because of the hard work I have put in to make them feel safe and loved. I believe every child should feel loved and supported, wherever they go and I can proudly say, I do my best to make every child I meet feel that when I am with them.